Lesson 2

Krista, Your Fairy Godmother

Lesson 2

*Where Are You?*

Where are you?  What is 'you?'

In this lesson, we learn how to identify our sense of self with the Consciousness that inhabits the body and the mind..."the Silent Watcher."  This Watcher being eternal and ever-present in the Now, the Past and the Future are merely conceptual tools we use to experience this reality, and should not define us.
Length: 15 min.

Do the NOW Dance! @KristaKubie

Once you know what 'you' are, you can evaluate where you are without judging or analyzing what you observe.  When you unconditionally accept what is, you can then evaluate what you would like to be in relationship to that.

Krista outlines three action steps you can take to help you on your journey.

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