Accepting Adaptability


For some of us, the closer we get to what we think we want, the less pleasant our life becomes. Sometimes, we hold back on our greatness because we see all the troubles success can bring. Discover how to re-frame your perception and learn to relish change.

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‘On Matriarchy’ (a manifesto)

I’m writing a book. This is a project that Great Spirit has been giving to me drip by drip and all the little drops have finally found each other. The water is wide, let me tell ya. The current draft is made up mostly of my own insights, but eventually there will be a bibliography […]

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About Music

Just when I think this may be a lingering depression, I realize it was all just a chemical misunderstanding between my blood and my brain.  The situation is easily solved by a glass of  apple juice with some liquid B Vitamins. Life ain’t worth my conscious consideration?  Perhaps it wasn’t such a good idea to […]

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